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Is It Reasonable to Believe in a God?
At the beginning of 2001, I had a debate on this question with the atheist Cygnus which is reproduced here in full and unedited. The debate did not seek to ask if God existed but merely whether belief in some sort of divine creator is a reasonable position to take.
In Defence of the Fine Tuning Design Argument
Kindly hosted by the Secular Web, this essay defends the fine tuning argument for the existance of a creator. That is rather less of a claim than the God I believe in existing but nonetheless provides a rational basis for theism. I am honoured that Richard Carrier written a rebuttal which is well worth reading.
Secular and Atheist Links
Of the great number of web sites that fall into this category I have selected a few of my favourites. The sites range from the vehemently anti-religious like the Secular Web to the generally sceptical like CSICOP. As these sites tend to attack all religions, Christians will find that although they are the main targets their is lots of useful anti-Cult and New Age information here too.
Philosophy Links
As well as links to sites devoted to philosophy, I have also included language, literature and the humanities.
Reviews of Philosophy Books
Here are some reviews of books about philosophy and even one or two that count as the real thing. I would not presume to review the work of Kant or Descartes but have included 20th century authors like Russell, Scruton and Dennett.

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