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Christianity and the Bible


Did Jesus Exist?
Gathered together here are all the articles in the Library regarding the question of Jesus' existence.  These address the issue of pagan parallels, the thesis of Earl Doherty and why professional historians cannot be bothered to deal with such an pointless question.  Also we will look at some of the other sites and books on the subject.
Did Josephus Refer to Jesus?
Josephus was the Jewish historian whose work contains to references to Jesus.  Guest writer Christopher Price has thoroughly examined the longer of these references to determine to what extent it is genuine, and what we can learn from it about Jesus. 
A Dialogue on Natural Religion
Two old friends, an atheist and a Catholic, discuss the existence of God. Does science provide evidence for or against theism and does the reality of evil mean that God cannot be real?
Christianity and the Rise of Science
This article examines how Christianity may have helped bring about the rise of modern science. I have given a brief history of science in the Middle Ages with particular reference to those factors that brought about the overthrow of Aristotelianism. On the way a few myths about the alleged anti-scientific bias of the Christian church are disposed of.
A Seekers' Guide to the Bible
The Bible is big and can be confusing.  This series of articles, which cover the Old and the New Testaments, examines what is in the Bible, who wrote it and whether we can rely on its contents.  It is especially aimed at people who are beginning to explore Christianity seriously and who want to understand where the books in the Bible came from and how they all came to be gathered into the collection we have today.  The articles also explain why some books didn't make it into the Bible and why there are so many different versions of the text.
Theories and Methodologies in the Study of the Historical Jesus and Christian Origins
The volume of writing on the Historical Jesus and early Christianity has ballooned in the last few decades as historians attempt to use (or abuse) critical methodology to get at the original Jesus.  This essay sets out to explain the methodologies they use, their shortcomings and advantages as well as the theoretical background to the subject.
The Debate between Christianity and Atheism
After effectively being the establishment for centuries, Christianity now finds itself under attack from within and without. Liberal scholars reconstruct Jesus in their own image while atheists even deny he existed at all. The internet has become a battleground between believers who are spreading the word and others who want to challenge it. Here I present some short essays on the history of religious debate, highlights of the arguments raging across the world wide web and how you can join in.
Christian Books Reviewed
These are books by Christians and are generally for Christians or seekers. That is to say that they put the case for the faith and do not claim to be objective. I have also reviewed some of the best inspirational works that I have come across that help Christians lead the life of love that Christ has laid out for us.
Biblical Books Reviewed
There is a vast array of biblical scholarship and more popular works. I have read a good few and here have pointed out the best and the worst. In general, I prefer books by moderate scholars rather than either the conservative or liberal fringe but have read all shades of opinion. The preponderance of titles are about the New Testament but that should change as I examine the Old in more detail.
Links to Christian sites
The world wide web is dotted with sites from Christians of variable quality. There is also a bias towards more conservative or even fundamentalist points of view. Here are a selection of the finest Christian web sites judged by quality of writing and the usefulness of material. I have also covered some of the more well known sites that I do not like as much. If you know of a site that I should review then please contact me here.
Links to sites about the Bible
The Bible is certainly the most studied book in the world so it is not surprise to find plenty of web sites about it. These vary from those that believe it is the literal word of God to those that think even Jesus was just a myth. I have included links to all opinions whether I agree or not. If you know of a site that I should review then please contact me here.

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