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Scientific essays, links and books


Who's afraid of evolutionary biology?
Many atheists would like us to believe that evolution is not compatible with theism. Here I expose that fallacy and examine the works of authors like Dawkins and Dennett that promulgate it. I also explain why I think even the origin of life itself will one day be explicable by science and why this will be further evidence that the universe is designed.
Science and Christianity
Guest writer Hieronymus asks that Christians ignore the calls from extremists and accept that the discoveries of science properly construed cannot conflict with faith but instead increase our knowledge of God's works. Science is not the same as metaphysical naturalism and Christians do not need to be on the defensive.
Are Science and Christianity in Conflict?
Guest writer Kenneth Boyce presents a trnascript of a talk he gave on the perceived conflict. He explains that despite disagreements, science and Christianity are not fated to antagonism and how properly understood, they support each others view of a comprehensible universe.
The fine tuning of the genome
A short paper that asks what we should make of the fact that the genetic code is a meaningful language which corresponds to the physical world just like human languages.
Reviews of science books
I review popular and not so popular science books. I distinguish between those that present facts and those where you have to fight your way through the author's prejudices in order to extract any meaningful information.
Links to interesting sites
These are some of the best science sites that deal directly with questions that impinge on religion. I have reviewed the sites and warned of the biases of their authors. Anyone is welcome to let me know of other sites that they feel belong on this list whether they are pro- or anti-religion. Contact me here.

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