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If you have enjoyed Bede's Library, you can order my book, The Genesis of Science: How the Christian Middle Ages Launched the Scientific Revolution (US) from or God's Philosophers: How the Medieval World Laid the Foundations of Modern Science (UK) from

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Comments, questions and encouragement

There are three ways to contact me and discuss the issues raised at Bede's Library or Quodlibeta.

  1. Use the my discussion forum on history, religion and science. There is a dedicated board for feedback as well as boards for debate and argument. Use this if you want to make your comments public.  This is absolutely my preferred form of communication and I would urge everyone to use it for comments and questions on the material at Bede's Library.  Why?  Because people often ask me similar questions and it would be best to have a database of replies.  Also, your query or comment might attract further feedback and thus you'll not be limited to my point of view.  Finally, it's just better to get everything out in the open!  I check this group daily and it will probably elicit the fastest response.  If commenting on a specific article, remember to say which one!
  2. Email me.  This is for private communication that, for whatever reason, you don't want made public.  Email is always treated confidentially.
  3. Use the feedback form.  This is if you want to comment anonymously. 

I reply to ALL feedback and emails if at all possible so if you have contacted me and not heard back then please email me again as something must have gone wrong with the system.  Please use an informative heading for email as this minimises the chance of it disappearing into a spam-track. I'll ignore accusations of bias - I am biased and admit it. I just wish everyone else would. 

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