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Links to miscellaneous sites


These links all lead to web sites containing various sites that I have found to be of interest. My entirely subjective comments are set out below.

The belief rating is defined as follows:

A - Atheist or sceptical agnostic

B - Middle of the road

C - Catholic

D - Broad Christian

E - Evangelical Christian

Content is rated out of ten. This rating in no way reflects my agreement with the material offered - but rather the amount of original material presented, web site presentation and the quality of writing.

Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
Author: James Fieser, Bradley Dowden
Belief: B
Content: 7

If you are looking for what a particular term means or want to know about Greek and medieval thought then you can find everything you need. It doesn't seem to be so hot on the twentieth century - for example there is no entry on Bertrand Russell. There is also a small collection of on-line philosophy texts with some classics ranging from Plato to Hume. The tone of the articles is scholarly and rather terse. They do not make easy reading but pack in a lot of information.

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Into the Wardrobe
Author: "Dr Zeus"
Belief: D
Content: 7

Today the best known of all Christian apologists in an academic from Ulster called CS Lewis. This is the best of several web sites devoted to him. You will find an exhaustive bibliography and a fine collection of original articles about and inspired by Lewis. The site covers the Narnia chronicles and his non-fiction religious works. Obviously, you won't find the texts themselves here as they are still in copyright.

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Little Greek
Author: Jonathon Robie
Belief: D
Content: 8

We are always being told that we must read the New Testament in its original Greek in order to properly understand it. Here, you will find an introduction to Greek for scripture and links to further your studies. NT Greek is easier to learn than the classical Attic Greek of Plato but the problem of knowing the letters must still be overcome. Also included here are the fonts you need to get your computer to write in Greek and some book recommendations for further study.

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A Humanist and his Writing
Author: William Harris
Belief: A
Content: 9

William Harris has produced a large amount of writing that is well worth looking at. Although he is a self-confessed humanist his writing is more to do with linguistics. Particularly interesting is his "An Intelligent Person's Guide to the Latin Language", an introductory grammar of rather unconventional bent which you now have to order by post, and "An Intelligent Person's Guide to Greek" which is still under development. Some of the other stuff here is highly personal and doesn't make a lot of sense without knowing the background. However, Harris's writing is of a uniformly high quality and his insights on the development of language and its teaching are valuable. He even includes his poetry and translation work.

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The Bertrand Russell Archives
Author: McMaster University
Belief: A
Content: 8

I have to admit to having a bit of a soft spot for the great philanderer. His massive intellect, disastrous personal life and near rabid anti-Christianity fascinate me. There can be no doubt that his work in mathematical and analytical philosophy is of near unparalleled importance and the stoicism with which he handled the failure of his great scheme to put mathematics on a firm logical basis is admirable. He was also a very fine writer and highly principled campaigner.

This web site is the virtual part of the largest player in the industry of Russell studies. From here you can find lots of his writing, endless links and plenty of scholarly analysis of his work. My only criticism is that much of the stuff here is rather to reverent towards its subject. Russell was a deeply flawed man and his many admirers try hard to ignore this.

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